4×4 car rental in Costa Rica : Why renting a four-wheeled drive is recommended for a trip in Costa Rica?

When visiting Costa Rica, you will need to be prepared about places to visit and how you can get to the beautiful locations in this country. There are several amazing landscapes you will find in this country.

Although you can visit many tourist attractions via normal vehicles, there are some interesting places which can only be accessed by four-wheeled drive. Here are some reasons why you should hire a 4X4 vehicle when in Costa Rica.

Additional space and capacity

When it comes to Costa Rica, you need a huge car which is capable of taking more people to many places. If you are coming with your family, friends, or co-worker, renting small or 2WD drives won’t be enough. Choosing a 4×4 car rental costa rica with Jumbo car is ideal because they are bigger and have an extra capacity to carry more people.

Moreover, with this four-wheeled drive, you have better leg space and good air ventilation. There are great car models such as Jeep Grand Wagoneer which has a 1400-liter capacity.

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Low Fuel Consumption

Another reason leasing a four-wheeled drive is your best bet is because they don’t guzzle much gas. Although there have been myths that they consume much fuel, newer versions such as the ones available at the Jumbo car agency are fuel-efficient.

Additionally, these 4X4 cars now have an improved fuel regulation than the older brands. Models such as the Mitsubishi Outlander can boast of a fuel economy of 140.3mpg at a good rate.

Great for all terrains

When considering the various terrains in Costa Rica, you have to pick a car that will suit you. There are certain roads which are great and where you can use any car, but to visit some beautiful places in this country, a 4-wheel drive is a good choice.

Moreover, hiring an urban-friendly model such as the Toyota Prado which has a great design is suggested. It comes with a high suspension and a good electrical system that works in all parts of the country.

Comes with an Elevated Position

Leasing a 4WD in Costa Rica is great because they come with a tall driving position than 2×2 vehicles. The benefit of this is that you have improved visibility when going to all places in the country.

Moreover, if you want a more comfortable driving position and want to feel safe, they are a great choice. You will be able to avert road dangers quickly, which are likely, especially in rural areas.

Rain and floods

In Costa Rica, we are getting close to the rainy season, from the beginning of August to November. It is in your best interest to get a vehicle that can come with the flooded roads.

Moreover, leasing a 4X4 can help you when it comes to mudslides and flooded road paths. This should be expected as the roads gets wet and muddy during this season. Your best bet is using these four-wheeled drives to cross rivers and streams.

When choosing a vehicle to hire when in Costa Rica, picking a 4X4 is recommended. This car model is rugged, doesn’t consume fuel, offers improved comfort, and is a great choice for rural roads in the country.

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